An agency coordinator asked if I’d be available to fly to South Korea to shoot a commercial. I thought that was very cool to be considered.

Shot these today real quick. Will have to get passport photos soon.

At another screening.

Good morning. Catching up on my posts and social media obligations. Will be done by memorial day weekend hopefully! The next couple weeks will be busy at least.


lol, I was reading some on-line comments, actually made me laugh. But it’s not quite fair, they referenced a kaiju movie I just watched last week.


Uh, one of my friends I’d like it if he’d post something more personal so I can like it. It’s all memes! I used to “like” those things back when I was a newbie but I can’t do that now.

Hm. Same thing happened as at the last indie screenings I went to. I am at a loss as to how I should approach these things. Why are the more accomplished and respectable people “nicer”? 

Aw. I loved all the mother’s day pics everyone was posting on social media today. ❤️ Happy Mother’s Day! 

I won’t get it, but my agency called me about a possible on-camera job. They told me how much it would pay, enough for me to sort of start over. Pay for several months of bills. Move into my own place. Well. One can dream. Ah I am with what you’d call a big shot agency. Of course I am very lucky to have it without any referrals.

It was the card! 😕

Shaking my head. So many hours wasted. It was a Sandisk 128gb. Not cheap. My new card is working great.

They approved my E3 badge! I did not expect that. Seriously I’m like well okay let’s give this a shot and see what they say. Yay!

Mm. Do you have a family group text thread? I do. We don’t get along all the time, and I’m glad we’re not one of those, oh sorry you may be like that, um, those what I consider overly affectionate type families, but it’s nice that we can have civil texts about the family dog’s birthday plans.