Hm. I had told my friend I had seen this event on the schedule but decided against it. He thought it’d be good to go. And I absolutely think that was the right thing to say, because he believed me meeting people is good, that people will like me when they meet me and might hire me. But he’s truly my friend and biased.

In this particular case, I thought otherwise, moreso than usual. For a variety of reasons I did not think it was worth my time. Taking someone else out of the equation entirely would have brought up a no. I was unfamiliar with the person’s work, never met him, however an assement was made from what I had heard about his current project. 

The thing is. I guess some good came out of it. I saw enough to say some nice things, didn’t mind having to leave, but there were elements of the person that I couldn’t ignore. 

Standing at the back afterward, watching him with other people. Off day maybe? Or maybe my initial read of the situation was correct. I hate going to those things to begin with. Well now I know. 

Kind of a dirty feel, you know?

Guy sitting next to me kept trying to give me his jacket. Ending up walking out into the lobby. Another guy followed me to my car. Oh lord. 

Good morning. 

My hair seems to think shedding is an appropriate way to cool off. 

Okay. Off to google to see if this is a thing. 

Ha my friend is recommending vote no on the new contract. I’m not surprised. Far left. Haven’t read the whole thing but there was a rollback right off which was weird. Is the percentage on the day rate that bad is what I’d judge it on. Doesn’t really apply to me either way. 

My god. They put this audition track in the worst key possible. Let’s see agency opens in two hours. It’s due at damn it.

Sometimes I do need a bit of a pep talk. I appreciate the attempts at that.

But booking a job would be best.

To make up for the non-sexiness of my posts. Yes. This is from the day of a hundred selfies. I take a bunch all at once so I don’t have to do it again. That’s tongue in cheek. 

Happy Independence Day. 🇺🇸🌟

Ah social media. How did my friend even find my profile photo to like it? I had taken it off the timeline. But bless his heart.

The iphone photos are not good for some reason it has a watercolor effect. I googled it. It’s a common problem.

Big audition today. Sort of.