I haven’t the slightest idea why I was holding onto this junk.

No. I do. 

I felt I should. Because they don’t make the cartridges anymore. And I could maybe reuse them.

I’m like that with a lot of things. The more hope I’ve lost, the more I’ve held onto junk.

It’s not going to get any better, I better hold onto what I have.

Looking back at my relationships, that includes platonic and professional, I see holding onto these, at least in the same way, making them that important, is a mistake. They might have been helpful at one point, but if I want more out of life, I have to make room for it.

There are current people such as my nieces and nephew who I will be better for if I don’t let the flotsam and jetsam distract me.

I see some friends cannot “change,” and really I don’t want to “change” them. We’ve had discussions, arguments at a level that made me realize oh, yeah, we’re at the core, we value different things.

They’ve helpful on some issues—mostly my guilt complex, which is extreme. I feel responsible for things that are not reasonable.

Probably from being parentified as a kid, with no other adults I felt I could trust to take care of or see the problems in certain situations, I had to be aware of and fix everything. Not saying I do, just that is the feeling. Since it is not possible, it robs me of precious time.

I also threw away a bunch of plastic and nonrecycable things. Damn the “reuse”!

Oh I’m rambling but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Okay. Going to cook food need to eat do the basic things. 🙄

Oh, I dropped these off at Best Buy. I love that they have such a great e-cycle program.