Butternut squash ginger soup

Not the best picture, but it tasted “right,” not far from the way I’ve had it at restaurants.

I tried it with sour cream, and did not care for the taste.

I roast the squash first, with butter and salt, until it is tender, a mash like consistency, so no blender is needed.

I add the milk after, per serving, so it doesn’t emulsify, mix thoroughly. But for looks I’d whisk it in while simmering. If I had a bigger kitchen and more pots or just cared enough I would. The lemon is added to preserve color, makes it just a bit brighter in taste, too.

I forgot I did add thyme to my split-pea soup. That’s been added to the ingredients.

Butternut squash soup ingredients

Butternut squash
Chicken broth
Brown sugar
Whole milk