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I made myself record at least one take of every page, whether or not I liked how I sounded—I was tired before I started. Not sure if it’s too much of a drop off by the end. I figured out how to run Pro Tools 8 I think on my laptop so can edit it tomorrow. 

Oct 20th. Practice.

A break from working on monologues and Broadway type audition songs.

Right. I know the chord should sound something like this:

But that wasn’t going to happen for a whole song while figuring out the proper pitches. And in French.

Yeah, the server is slow as sin today.

Oh, whoops, I had it on debugging. Let’s see if that helps. Probably not. Probably the server.

Here there everywhere.

As annoying and frustrating as it is to inhabit my particular brain and body at times, I do enjoy my own company when I don’t have to think about others.

I was looking for a form I needed to mail. I was afraid I had shredded it in my recent zeal to declutter. Which doesn’t look like anything but you’ll have to take my word for it. And to keep myself entertained, I started doing an impression, mocking the importance of my quest.

It’s supposed to be the President. I didn’t say it was a good impression, just that I find it a pleasant distraction.

Yay! Ugh, I think. No, bring it down, lady, bring it down. I mean, it is nearly 5am and I’ve got a ton of worries on my mind. . .

Anyway. I debugged what I set out to debug. Not the whole thing mind you, but a few files cleaned up. Might note some differences here and there. Should load a little faster.

So, some less boring stuff—wait, maybe not. Because it’s practice. Usually I just read a little something I like. In this case, poetry.


My voice felt tired and cricky (I don’t know, maybe because you’re stressed out and it was four in the morning and you’ve been out shaking hands and caught a little cough there genius), so I then tried to sing a ditty to test out some of the soprano notes.

Okay. Going to see if there’s something else I can check off my list.

I may break the audio up into different posts later.