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Happy Birthday, Vivien

It’s Ms. Leigh’s birthday. (I understand she preferred to be called Lady Olivier, but I think he’s a cad, so feel funny about that.) Would have been her 100th. I was going to write about it later, but TCM is now showing Waterloo Bridge, probably my favorite of her films.

Spoiler, I’m going to talk about the end. . .

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Film. Vlog 0525

Now, there’s nothing really scary about this little clip. But if you’re editing by yourself in the dark in the middle of the night and you know what comes after this scene and you hear something clatter in the bathroom. . . well, let’s just say there’s a bit of omg are you f***ing kidding me this is going to happen in real life why couldn’t you have shot the comedy thing you were planning instead. Real directors don’t have these kinds of problems.

File this under hobbyist director problems.

Yes, there’s major degradation from the export. It took me longer to get this thing outputted than it did to shoot the darn thing.

Good night.


My dreams look a little like this, without all the digital noise. Usually very dark. I mean in content and visibility.

Who, or what, is out there. Can’t be good, that’s for sure.

Welcome to my world.

Photo. Film frame.

Haven’t slept. Been working on my “cinematography.” Wrote a little comedy bit. Not related to the screencap above. Might ask other actors to be in it. I think it’s maybe weirder than funny. Trying to figure out this one program. Audition later today. That is all.