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Father walking his dogs after vigil Mass for second week of Advent.

A colorful Christmas tree in the window.

I was talking to my sister about food and she asked if I remembered how mom scolded her for not eating enough rice and filling up on the main dish, which there wasn’t enough of.

I said, “Mm, no, I thought it was because I was eating too many of the vegetables.

I didn’t feel like there was ever enough to eat.”

That continued for me through adulthood, there was never a time I was what you’d call food secure. It’s difficult to go with the idea there will be more food tomorrow if I eat today, without dread I’m riding into a debt-filled future, getting used to something that will not be there.

Lol, sides I just got are what I needed. ❤️

Wonton soup

Another item I’d always wanted to learn to make but never did. I told my sister I’m looking forward to having a kitchen I can cook in. Knowing how small the kitchen here is, she said she’d seen dorm rooms with bigger kitchens, she asked how I prep anything. There is no counter space for cooking, just two pull out cutting boards that are a few feet from each other. There is a stainless steel thing the toaster oven is on, but I don’t like the angle, it’s against a wall.

I said I don’t have room to prep really, chop or mix something and set it aside, each ingredient is pulled out and added and put away before I can do the next step. 

I actually tried to bake a pie from scratch in a toaster oven last year. I do not recommend this. 

But these, anyone can do.

Pork dumplings in green onion soup. I didn’t make the wonton skins, but these can be found in most grocery stores, even the not particularly Asian stocked Walmart had it (by the pre-made salads).

I have done these twice and making the filling is not time consuming but folding them into little dumplings is. I like being on the phone and chatting while cooking since it distracts me from what a waste of time it can feel like. To eat and cook. Hopefully this will change as my situation changes. 

I made frosting for my muffins. 

Photo from June 13, 2017.