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Well. I’m going to ask another of my FB friends for advice. He spoke on the radio about this issue. Might be the best resource. 

My friend is good at giving me perspective. In that way I have been incredibly fortunate. I immediately felt bad for feeling bad. Continue reading

Mm. The other was not worth watching. 

I know. I’m going to sleep. Too many nightmares lately.

An octave and a half. On a Sunday morning. No one sounded great. . . 

I am quite tired. But obligatory post of the day.

I didn’t really have a suitable dress for the wedding. The one I had was a bit dour. I saw this hanging in my closet. I asked my sister if it was hers and if I could wear it. I took in the bodice. It turned out to be a decent fit, considering I eyeballed the darts and did it in about five minutes.

The guy has too much publicity as it is. 

Uh, it’s not that I’d want to be someone else, but I do think I look kind of weird when I look at pictures of myself. If you’re someone who hires actresses, disregard that comment.