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Another kind of headshot.

No. I don’t like this one. Posting just to post.

Hm. I can’t believe I never posted about when I went to see John Wick. Oh, that was a whole thing. But had it not happened the way it did, I’d have not met the director two and a half years later. I had family in town, but will catch up on posts soon.

Frustrating day. Mostly because of what I’m thinking, what I’m reading.

No. . . not Asian boobs. . .

Well. Technically there are but not prominently.


Wasn’t sure if the phone could pick up something as light as the rain that night. I do feel much better with the rain.

I think, I hope I’m actually going to turn in soon. Want to follow the match but, probably could use the sleep more.

I changed the theme yesterday. I altered a few of the pages, but it didn’t take as long as I thought it would. Huh, I am oddly more proficient at reading the code! The language is PHP. I suppose I should learn some C or C++, the class I watch online uses Python.  

But anyway. I grafted on some of the things I wanted and got rid of some holes. Hopefully it’s easier to read, but not too slow. I don’t like the idea of bogging down something just because it can go faster. Better to be streamlined regardless. I wanted something I could keep for a while, not have to worry about updating its look too often. 

When I switched servers I chose the more advanced configuration, figured if there’d be problems I might as well find out while I’m moving everything anyway. 

It was picked and pruned with mobile in mind, so—

I think it’s funny that this site isn’t meant to last. I think how odd to be pleased with something like getting it to behave and look not perfectly but properly anyway. I take it I will maintain it, but who knows what will happen, could just as likely not. Funny in an existential way. 

Lol oh I should post pics of myself or some poetic pic instead right. Not talk about servers and these kinds of things. I don’t really know about those things anyway. Just muddling along.