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Cereal is not an apocalypse food staple. Apparently it does not keep for over two years. . .🍞

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I made this skirt. In less than a day. I’d never made a skirt before.

I wished one friend an early birthday and caught up on messages. Like running in and kissing everyone on the cheek and running back out before one can be asked questions. Continue reading

Aug 25.

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People had started to unfollow me, which was okay. My block list is pretty long, and includes family—sorry, it’s weird to have them watching my “professional” feed, which is narcissistic by nature if I’m doing it “right” and really, pretty boring? So, number of likes? Not terribly important. Certain people liking them? Yes. Important.

Anyway. Some followers started dropping off, with messages like, you’re not on here very much are you. Okay. So, I posted something.

Going through old files.

Bathroom selfies before it was the thing to do. From 2010.