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It’s raining. ❤️

Today is the birthday of two people I met during my video game work.

One is a director. Another, a publicist. Continue reading

I haven’t the slightest idea why I was holding onto this junk.

No. I do.  Continue reading

Judging a movie by its credits and title. Points if you can tell who drew the background. I didn’t but knew I liked it. My cartoonist friend would approve. 🖊

Lol he’s a very successful producer now.

I remember when he showed me a book with drawings by this artist, told me about him. I wonder if he thought I was just being agreeable, but I did note that as “something Matt likes” and thought oh he’d like this title sequence.

Butternut squash ginger soup

Not the best picture, but it tasted “right,” not far from the way I’ve had it at restaurants.

I tried it with sour cream, and did not care for the taste.

I roast the squash first, with butter and salt, until it is tender, a mash like consistency, so no blender is needed.

I add the milk after, per serving, so it doesn’t emulsify, mix thoroughly. But for looks I’d whisk it in while simmering. If I had a bigger kitchen and more pots or just cared enough I would. The lemon is added to preserve color, makes it just a bit brighter in taste, too.

I forgot I did add thyme to my split-pea soup. That’s been added to the ingredients.

Butternut squash soup ingredients

Butternut squash
Chicken broth
Brown sugar
Whole milk

Split-pea soup

This actually turned out tasting like it was supposed to.

No ham needed.

Split-pea ingredients

Dried split peas
Chicken broth
Olive oil

I was looking around the room, a private nook that barely fit the four of us, admiring the Mission style touches, the Frank Lloyd Wright-like lamps. Continue reading

My supposed ease with vulnerability, something that was advantageous to my job, did not correlate with my ability to trust other people. Continue reading

It took me an hour to get to her school. But then parking was a mess with so many visitors. Continue reading