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Sketch. Black cat.

Here is the pencil sketch I used to paint on top of. There. Now the top thing looks more impressive.

Ballet. Leotard sizing and girth measurement.

Finding the right fit for a leotard with girth measurement.

I’m about 29″ bust, 23″ waist, and 33″ hips. By most leotard sizing charts, those numbers would make me an adult extra-small or petite. But my leotards tend to creep down in front, precariously low. I know I had told myself I should order up to account for my long waist, but looking at the recent dance class photos, I thought, oh, I must have been vain and bought an xs. Checked the tag. Small. I remeasured my bust, waist, hips. No change.

Girth is—with the brands I’ve bought, M. Stevens and Mirella—the most important consideration in finding something close to a “right” fit. Capezio does have a “tall” option in some styles, but I’ve not tried them. I’m assuming the tall option would make me a x-small/tall.

Since most dancers are probably thin relative to their height, I suspect many such as myself do not realize they need to order a size or two up. (Simply ordering any old big size though is not the answer. Too large and straps can slip, breasts can be inadequately covered by gaping fabric, and chafing or general discomfort from excess fabric do nothing to help create nice lines.)

The measurement is obtained by measuring around one’s torso, from shoulder down through the legs and back up to the shoulder. Measuring just the front or back and doubling will not account for differences in volume. In my case, my butt sticks out much more than my chest. (Which I’m okay with on both counts.)

If you’re larger than 60″—the average sewing tape measure is 60″—use a ribbon or something similar (heck, dental floss if that’s all you got) and wrap that around yourself, then measure that length either with a tape measure or a ruler.



Don’t worry. Not whiling away the day with flower doodles.

Just to break up working on animation. It’s more cartoony. It’s slow going. Ha. Will hopefully be better than Velveteen Rabbit.

Half notes

Right, new sketchbook.

And the theorem is not to scale obviously since I drew it freehand.

Goodness sakes, how many diaries can a girl have.

I spared you a very long post that included: jazz, Coltrane, Miles Davis, baseball, Twins-Red Sox, why NY doesn’t like losing to Boston, pitching, what the heck is a changeup, my thoughts (a non-baseball person) on pitching, USC students, Maya, Leyendecker, D23, Haunted Mansion, Xavier “X”, the class/caste system in Hollywood.

Paper thin

I draw so rarely I don’t want to ditch this sketchbook that I just started. But the paper is so thin.

Sketch. Vyv.

For short. Get it? Because the character is short?


Yes. I do laugh at my own jokes.


Voice match yesterday. I love those. And accents and languages. Not because I think they’re easy, but because I enjoy the challenge.

Sketch. Love in gray.

Ran into a bunch of people at the paperback show. I like it because it’s small. It’s about the stuff still. The only booth babes were on the page. And no babies, either (so I could swear, though I don’t so much anymore, with impunity). Sometimes it’s nice to just talk with people who are into similar things. Not worry about being pretty or charming or anything like that.

A lot of acquaintances being very supportive. In a genuine way. One friend, who I really only met once, said I should send my stuff over to the Lucas people and he’d put in a good word or something to that effect. More than most would offer. I mentioned I was working on one of their new video games. But it would be nice to get something more substantial or steady. In general.

As for the image. I rarely post sketches. But this is doubly unusual.

Did you find the secret?

You can see it, or rather hear it, if you know the right place to look, meaning it’s not something that needs special software to open. I had a sudden image of some poor soul messing with the drawing in photoshop. That’s not the secret.

Well, it’s not that big a deal, so don’t think too much about it. I was just thinking, I haven’t posted any clips of my voice in a while. I forget, because I audition fairly regularly and figure someone’s hearing my voice, that it can take years for a project to come out and some who come here probably have no idea what I sound actually like. It’s off my laptop mic and not eq’d and only seconds long, so. . . ha! I’m not selling this very well! If you found it, there you go.

Auditions at the agency tomorrow.