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Sketch. What are you looking at?

Late night doodle while I watched a show I have to ADR tomorrow.

I was looking at a Bruce Timm sketchbook earlier, so it’s sketchy faux Bruce Timm for the girl. He draws girls so well. Actually, many of the best sexy-yet-not-completely-slutty-girl draw-ers are ex-Batman/Superman crew.

Yeah. TV doodles. Exciting, isn’t it.

Sketch. Cool blue.

Why the thing about labeling? Why the cut off in parters that don’t get finished. Getting bored with the journal. And in an anti-internet mood recently. And yet, here I am. Do I really have a choice.

No, really.

There weren’t question marks for a reason. My punctuation is always intentional. Unless it’s a mistake.

I’m being sarcastic in case you can’t hear it.

And here’s sketch. It’s small. Until I get that sketchbook out.

Didn’t turn out right, but I liked her feet.

Why am I calling it her? I’m not asking you. I’m asking me. I used a photo of myself as ref.

But I’m imagining she has a 1930’s white telephone life. It’s the mascara. Which is what happens when you ink something that’s drawn in a 3×5 sketchbook with a 05 tech pen.

Looks like Kirby dots on her butt instead of polka dots, but I colored with as much enthusiasm as I am writing this now.

Well, you can’t see obviously.

I’ve got a Bill Murray or Alec Baldwin look on my face. In a summer dress.

A yummy mental image, but try to contain your lust.