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Test. Lace sheath dress.



Mm, I wasn’t sure if it seemed like I had one dress. I do like that burgundy plum color on me. So you will see more of that.

But I pulled this vintage one off the rack. I do like fashion, though I don’t necessarily feel the need to express that everyday. Or most days. Or really ever except in my head. Ah, note I boosted the gamma on this because the black on the others seemed washed out on export. Maybe a little overcorrected.


Yes, I know my hair is unkempt. I can handle lighting and lenses I guess. I’ll never be known for my hair and makeup. Which is why I like the idea of selling perfume. Just spritz. Even I can’t mess that up.

The original background. I think that’s some pretty good composting there. It’s a video gradient, too, mind you, not a flat matte painting. Actually, I’m figuring out some things I can do with basically matte painting, old school VFX. I don’t know what to do about the washing out of the color. It’s some encoding thing as best I can figure. Too much time to solve everything.

I tried to make it look Chanel, Prada-ish.

I was trying to get an audition for this part, “25-40, intelligent, well dressed, high powered business woman.”

I don’t have any footage. . . well. There’s that one scene, but that was years ago, and wouldn’t be applicable here. I guess I should find it anyway.

Anyway. So I recorded a little bit of stuff, but the shots were all missing—well, I should theoretically be the best part—but for me, the best part. My tie tying skills.

Come on. That’s pretty good looking. I know a lot of people can’t tie a tie properly. That knot is symmetrical, an attractive shape, tight, but not pinched at the bottom.

Never mind that my hair has a mind of its own. Seriously. I sometimes think of getting wig.

It’s the stress. Making it grow weird.

I don’t even know what I’m mumbling after “half-windsor knot.” Sleep deprived. Okay. Shower and a nap. I have a large audition tomorrow. Large as in a lot of lines.

Do I have to be “pretty”?

Okay. So you know, that movie that I auditioned for. They referenced a Chinese model/actress as what they’re looking for.

And I looked her up.

She’s super cute, super pretty.

But as weird as I look and am as a person. . . I wouldn’t want to be her.

Anyway. I was trying to record a “slate shot” to match my new headshot I use online. And I gotta tell ya. Even though it’s really not that complicated—brush my hair, mostly—I hate doing it. I feel like, the “pretty” version ain’t gonna appear and we’ll be stuck with the monster hair and subsequent face to match from hell. Sometimes I take up half an hour or so writing blog posts while procrastinating.

But the second part was filmed minutes before the first. The only difference. That hairband on my wrist is in my hair and bobby pins on each side, I changed into another dress, I put on lip gloss. And I put on a “good” attitude.

I’m still way grumpy. I’ve been grumpy for a good month now. It’s mostly because of computer related stuff. I really find it. . . it’s a necessary evil. Most days these days I want to scrap the whole darn thing and even with email, don’t want to deal with it. Easy enough if someone else is setting it all up for you or have enough money. But as it is, I hate it.