Photos. James Foley

Director, James Foley
Director, James Foley

It was a very well attended event, the seats were all taken. So while the House of Cards episode was screening, before the panel, I went back out to the lobby. Mr. Foley was there talking to a couple HOC crew members and someone I take to be an aspiring director. I explained I had asked to photograph the panel, but would like to take some photos now if he wouldn’t mind.

I could have used a fill or key light in front, but worked with what I had. And he was a good subject. It’s surprising how well some panelists take to being photographed. It’s not about looking into the camera, it’s the way they react, or don’t. Incidentally, sometimes actors are not very good subjects.

I was going for a Shakespearean tone, A Man for All Seasons pensiveness.

He seemed at ease, I picked the ones that were a little more dramatic. He just continued his conversation and let me get my shots. Actors can apparently learn to direct from being around directors and being directed often enough, I wonder if being around sets and seeing general “rules” of what to do in front of a camera make some more natural subjects.

I use these opportunities to teach myself photography. I’d be curious how different my shots would be if I had a newer camera, or I’d like to see someone I respect using the same camera as mine and see what they would do differently. If I went to film school I suppose it would be for cinematography.


This is the initial shot I took of the group. But I wanted the camera gear to be more prominent. I thought of asking Mr. Foley to move toward the exhibit, but thought of another way. Can you guess?

Crossed the line of action.