She wore a yellow dress

Since I’m supposedly promoting myself here, I thought I should post pictures of myself.

That third one looks more stupid than the rest, but was told it’s not horrible. And was “me.” Uh, I look like an overgrown kid playing dress-up. Is that my type? I hope not. But maybe that’s all we are.

As I shot the photo immediately below, I thought, you’re using a book as a prop? Remember the bookshop scene of Funny Face. Doing this would be considered shallow.

But I convinced myself it was a Funny Face homage.


This is the feel I was going for.


I bumped up the contrast on two of the above.

I like this shot, I couldn’t get the whole dress. But when asked why this picture, I said, obviously, to show the cut of the dress. And the shoes! These are important matters.