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Late last month, Actors’ Equity removed public listings of casting calls. I used to search them every few days.

Usually, such calls don’t hold much promise. Over-attended. They have names in mind. You’re lucky if the person behind the desk doesn’t passive aggressively sigh and give you a glazed look before you begin your audition.

But. Sometimes you’ll meet someone nice in the waiting room. Sometimes you get a chance to act, even if it’s just for those two minutes. And as pointless as it is, no, fittingly pointless as it is, it’s a part of being an actor.

Here there everywhere.

As annoying and frustrating as it is to inhabit my particular brain and body at times, I do enjoy my own company when I don’t have to think about others.

I was looking for a form I needed to mail. I was afraid I had shredded it in my recent zeal to declutter. Which doesn’t look like anything but you’ll have to take my word for it. And to keep myself entertained, I started doing an impression, mocking the importance of my quest.

It’s supposed to be the President. I didn’t say it was a good impression, just that I find it a pleasant distraction.

I peeked into my agent’s office, said hello and started to take off when someone piped up to let me know she was visiting.


Oh. I’ve decided I’ll indulge in liking my legs since they’ll surely go soon enough.