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Sketch. Love in gray.

Ran into a bunch of people at the paperback show. I like it because it’s small. It’s about the stuff still. The only booth babes were on the page. And no babies, either (so I could swear, though I don’t so much anymore, with impunity). Sometimes it’s nice to just talk with people who are into similar things. Not worry about being pretty or charming or anything like that.

A lot of acquaintances being very supportive. In a genuine way. One friend, who I really only met once, said I should send my stuff over to the Lucas people and he’d put in a good word or something to that effect. More than most would offer. I mentioned I was working on one of their new video games. But it would be nice to get something more substantial or steady. In general.

As for the image. I rarely post sketches. But this is doubly unusual.

Did you find the secret?

You can see it, or rather hear it, if you know the right place to look, meaning it’s not something that needs special software to open. I had a sudden image of some poor soul messing with the drawing in photoshop. That’s not the secret.

Well, it’s not that big a deal, so don’t think too much about it. I was just thinking, I haven’t posted any clips of my voice in a while. I forget, because I audition fairly regularly and figure someone’s hearing my voice, that it can take years for a project to come out and some who come here probably have no idea what I sound actually like. It’s off my laptop mic and not eq’d and only seconds long, so. . . ha! I’m not selling this very well! If you found it, there you go.

Auditions at the agency tomorrow.

Music notes. A photo entry.

There are many other good shots, but there just isn’t enough time or room for everything. As with the comic-con posting, here are the photos first. It is after 3 in the morning; commentary will be added/finished later. As will a whole other photo essay, including pictures of myself.

Good night. Or rather, good morning.

WMA agents

I didn’t catch this particular act—literally running to get to a second audition–but I saw a shot before the elevator arrived.

William Morris Agency, Beverly Hills

Once in a while, usually during the warm summer months, music agents showcase clients for the agency at large with a lunchtime performance. I didn’t see the one from last Thursday, but heard a country duo the week before.

This particular act was presented by the Nashville branch of William Morris. Chad, half of Halfway to Hazard, walked out of the “green room” as I was leaving my agents’ office. I talked to him just a bit. Seemed like a sweet, down-to-earth guy. (What’s on their game system when I asked: Guitar Hero and Madden.) Good personality and patter for the performance. Halfway to Hazard will be opening for Tim McGraw in an upcoming tour. He and Faith Hill are big supporters.


Halfway To Hazard. David Tolliver (l) & Chad Warrix.

Drew Tretick

To escape the heat on Saturday night, I visited Downtown Disney.

I’ve heard Drew play on the promenade there before. Good performer as well as musician.

If you like Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli, Andrew Lloyd Webber, I think you might like Drew’s voice. I call it voice. Phrasing, interpretation. To check my theory, I ran it by my sister, Lydia and yes, she likes it. Good ‘nough for me.

Somehow makes me miss my opera training days (see, the big voice shouldn’t surprise you). Nothing serious. But used to hang out with some students in the university music program. I was friends with a violinist in the philharmonic. Back when I was working as a tutor/Nordstrom shoe salesperson.

Hm. I guess now is as good a time as any to mention I used to be first chair clarinet in middle school band and was able to take violin lessons for a year thanks to a public school program. I don’t mention it on my résumé (I hate it when actors oversell their skills) but there you go.


Jazz Kitchen