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Write-up. Sleepy Hollow screening.

Production designer Rick Heinrichs at USC
Production designer Rick Heinrichs speaks at USC SCA.

Continuation of this previous post,

After the Q&A, I moved a few rows back to watch the movie.

I asked Mr. Heinrichs if he had an agent, he said he did, Sandra Marsh. I don’t know that they came out well enough to warrant sending hard copies, but I’ll print some out and see. It can be awkward when strangers ask for contact info; who are you, what do you want, I can’t help don’t bother, or hey I’m busy are you nuts. Just as bad can be misinterpretation or disdain by any party in the vicinity so I tend to be overly formal.

Anyway. I thought, maybe the guest and speaker might like a more general photo. Something less contrasty. I didn’t have a decent one of the two of them, some test shots, a couple incidental ones at the end. So I lit from my seat and caught up at the door. Asked if they’d mind.

In these situations, unless someone explicitly wants a photo and I know my equipment and light is good enough to get something worthwhile, I don’t like to ask for a second pose.

I looked at what I had and thought of saying, okay, thanks. As you can see, the close proximity due to the length I could back up in the entryway creates distortion.


Cropped, I knew it wouldn’t be as bad.


But decided to ask if they’d move. I pointed to the closest “good” background and lighting and drew my camera up, changed the exposure setting (aperture is always wide open and ISO high).


Production designer Rick Heinrichs and Professor Rene Bruckner at USC.


It’s still not a great picture. But the lighting is less harsh, the background at least says USC. I don’t mean literally—don’t search for the letters—this is the lobby to the George Lucas building.


{SPOILERS coming up.}

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Photos. Production designer Rick Heinrichs at USC.

Production designer Rick Heinrichs
Production designer Rick HeinrichsProduction designer Rick Heinrichs speaks at USC School of Cinematic Arts.


April 21, 2015.

As I ran toward the school, I glanced down, and stopped short. I was supposed to change into my white Jack Purcells. But still had on my ragged Converse. I could run back to my car, but classic American in a worn moody gray? This could fit into a few of his films.

“If anyone would approve, it’s Tim Burton’s production designer,” I reasoned. That, and nobody really cares what shoes I wear.

I was about twenty minutes early, but figured students would be eager to hear from this speaker, so I hurried on.

It was a presentation by Rick Heinrichs, Academy Award winning production designer. Professor Rene Bruckner was teaching CTCS-469, “Battle of the Stylists – Tim Burton vs. Wes Anderson.” The nice thing about a school like USC is you don’t just study the films, you can learn from the filmmakers themselves. Continue reading