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Photos. USS Midway.


USS Midway
HH-46 Sea Knight (left) and Huey helicopters

The USS Midway is a US Navy aircraft carrier docked in San Diego, California. Decommissioned in 1992 and turned into a museum, it saw 47 years of service, including the Vietnam War, during which my dad flew for the US Navy and Army.

I’m not sure it would be most people’s cup of tea. I liked it, and look forward to going back again, but I also wanted to spend time there with my dad, he’d actually been on it while it was in service, and it was the 40th anniversary and Father’s Day. One of his friends works as a docent and people there knew of my dad’s squadron, I was hoping to get some stories.

June 21, 2015.

USS Midway
F/A-18 Hornet (left). F-4 Phantom II.

USS Midway. F-4 Phantom II
F-4 Phantom II.

USS Midway

USS Midway

I wanted to stay and listen to these lectures on the flight deck. Pretty cool. Who knows when you might have to land a fighter jet. My dad sort of kicked around a line on the deck and pointed out the rope that you’d try to catch as you were coming in.

USS Midway
A-1 Skyraider

USS Midway. Huey
Huey Gunship

The same type of helicopter my dad flew.

“How do you know what do use? The rockets or the machine gun?”

“You use what you need.”

Hangar deck

USS Midway

USS Midway

Photos. BioWare scribes.

James Ohlen. Senior Creative Director, Lead Designer. BioWare.

Drew Karpyshyn. Senior Writer. BioWare.

Alexander Freed. Managing Editor. BioWare.

I got to attend the panel as a guest of LucasArts. Front row seats, thank you very much.

BioWare doesn’t operate in L.A., so it’s a rare treat to get to talk to the writers. I asked them if they ever rewrite a part after hearing an actor’s take. (If they hear it at all, it’s usually late in the game. And they’ve got a lot to write.) I told them some of the parts I’ve voiced for them (can you be too proud about being a dwarven streetwalker?) and laughed over a character that, well, was interesting.


Had auditions at the agency yesterday. Which was good.

Photo. Vyvan at sunset.

Con photo. I hardly have any at the actual con. Because, I’m the one with the camera. Anyway, I like playing with lighting and on a couple days took some shots in the hotel room. I always see cool shots and think, If only I could put a girl there or if only there were a photographer here. But if I want to get the shot, I usually end up being both.