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“How not to slate.”

In case you’re unsure I am hamming it up.

Self-taping can be good in some ways, it can be “greener” certainly, more chances to be seen, maybe. But part of the SAG committee member in me says you know, it’s one more socioeconomic handicap (do you have a nice quiet space with proper light, good camera, people in your life who are reliable enough to be a reader, who might be in the industry and a good actor, etc.), one more way to tap actors’ wallets. Whereas actors all going into a casting office to audition theoretically have a more even playing ground.

Then there’s the lack of relationship building or learning, being part of any community. For better or for worse, mind you.

It’s more an issue for LA based talent, who pay the premium of living here.

If you have a good set up, live elsewhere, or are not that strong in person, self taping is good. I don’t mind it for VO usually, we’ve been self-taping for years with VO, from the beginning, really. Now I generally prefer it, except for features, pilots maybe. For the important ones or for people you like seeing, an in-person audition is a real gift.

All relative to where one is in life.