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New Year’s Day.

(Before I tried to “fix” my hair.)



Of course after I try to figure out a natural light spot, there’s been no sun the last couple days. I was going to photoshop my lips, but there’s nothing left in the time budget for it.

There’s a bit lens flare that I liked. It created a kind of spotlight effect. Not sure what to do about the background. Hm. Trying to think if I have any cheap thing in a solid gaudy color I can use to later matte out.

One thing, the mirror kind of bulges in the middle and widens the image. Not necessarily bad, makes my face look fuller, overall little wonky though. Cheap stuff. The best mirror I had was made in Canada.

I just tried to change the 404 redirects for my sites. What the heck? It was all going back to the root. Makes no sense when error pages are there. Anyway. I’m not crazy about the current hosting set-up but it’s cheaper and a little more flexible than my previous, so until something better comes along.

Anyway. The one on the left, as shot. Except with some lipstick photoshopped on. And on the right, the white balance changed. Makes a big difference.

Okay. Need to catch a few hours sleep.

Okay. So. We’re going to figure out the hair situation and shoot something tomorrow night. I hate doing these. But my cards are so old I need to update it.

Wish my hair was as curly as it was when I was a kid. Loose ringlets all around instead of just at the temples. I guess if I cut it short enough it would be a visible curl but I like having long hair.

I know I need to make new business cards. So that means new photos. Which really means more selfies. You know I went nearly a whole year without a self-portrait before? I have little interest in taking pictures of myself. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with taking selfies. I remark on it because I think it’s now normal to want to. Which just adds to the list of my oddities. Or at least people think it’s odd that an actress would not want to be in pictures in general. When I’m out with family or a friend, I am always the photographer. I have no interest in being in the photographs. It seems acting or pursuing it is where any desire for that lies.

Oh. I photoshopped a zit, a faded zit, and my lips. Which of course were chapped. Other than that, as is.

I think all the photos from this “session” were unusable though. My hair was dry and out of control.


I miss my niece. I need to make more money to be able to spend time with her.