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Went shopping.

I should try to look better.

My agent pointed out my “social media” isn’t centered on me in a visual way. And that’s not really useful if I want to get on-camera work. True. Lord forgive me if there’s an increase in selfies.

Oh. I bought nothing. But the dresses are at Hollister Co. if you want to check them out.


Things I didn’t buy

So, I see the most popular search on my other site, which we aren’t on, is for photos of me. The audio is more popular as far as links.

I mean, maybe you’re like looking for ugly photos? I’m not sure.

But if you just want photos, okay.

I’m going to start going through my old files and pulling stuff. If they’re repeats, beg your pardon.

Shopping but didn’t buy photos!

New destroyed jeans.

Abercrombie Super Skinny jeans

The only things I did buy on Black Friday were a sweater and jeans. I hadn’t been clothes shopping in while. It’s been a couple years since I bought jeans. . .

Yeah. I was just thinking back. I have bought shorts in the past year but no jeans for at least two.


They changed the fabric and style, obviously, since my old ones. They’re about the same at the waist, all much slimmer through the legs.

I got destroyed and non. Would have gotten two non—felt conventional judgement would say distressed jeans are silly—but they only had one of them left in my size at the time. A stock guy, who was very nice—in fact everyone was really nice considering it was three in the morning—found this pair and I tried them on just to see.

They’re very very comfortable. Not a lot of bulk, not tight feeling at all. The crease lines across the hips are painted on. They’ve grown on me. I suppose it’s a young thing in my mind and even as a kid it was not okay to be a kid.

These feel like stuff one would get off Melrose.

Hm. That would be a good photo subject sometime.

Oh. If you want to get a pair. From Abercrombie. Super Skinny Destroyed Light Wash 00S.

Shopping. Well-heeled.

Alexander McQueen, white and navy striped, point-toe leather pumps. One of the SA picks. Unemployed shopping. All I have are the pictures! Yes, I’m wearing a footie stocking; the insoles were a little grubby.

Photo. Gams.

Going for a vintage 50’s fashion photography look.

Ah, I don’t like aspects or circumstances of my life, so sometimes it sounds like I’m completely down on myself. But I wouldn’t say completely. I think my legs have always served me well. I used to be a pretty formidable runner, sprinting and long distance. And they held up for fencing and all kinds of dance classes.

Poor feet. They’re the ones that have to carry the weight.

Goodnight. A job tomorrow.