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Oct 20th. Practice.

A break from working on monologues and Broadway type audition songs.

Right. I know the chord should sound something like this:

But that wasn’t going to happen for a whole song while figuring out the proper pitches. And in French.

Yeah, the server is slow as sin today.

Oh, whoops, I had it on debugging. Let’s see if that helps. Probably not. Probably the server.

Merry Christmas

I had hoped to record an okay version of this before the holidays, but never got around to it. Here’s a recording of me trying to figure out an arrangement. Clatter of the plastic keys and all. Maybe one day it’ll be a real piano, in a place all my own. ;)

I’m not so sure these days. . .

I suppose the song says it best. Maybe only in my dreams.


Wishing you a merry Christmas.

To be free

Green Finch and Linnet Bird

I never record these right. I did the vocals acapella which is why it’s sung a half step higher than it should—and wild (no playback) so it’s a wonder the notes were close in length. Then I record the keyboard part. The keyboard should be recorded first or concurrent. To establish pitch and all.

While not always executed so perfectly I find it relatively easy to sing counterpoint wild without any melody as a guide or distraction. Obviously I hear the melody in my head. Are most people able to sing harmony easily? It took me a while to even try.

I’ve always liked this song. As an acting piece it’s great material. Would be nice to have the voice to sing it properly. I would inflict much more of it if I thought I could.

But maybe if I record it with piano first. . .

Through it all

Amazing Grace

Well. If any song can be forgiving of wandering pitch, this be it. This was a practice take, figuring out chords still, but my arm hurts too much to keep going.

You know, the reason I said missing out on the guitar bothered me, is because my most constant companion these days would be my guitar (at home; camera when I’m out) and now that playing it hurts more than I can ignore, that makes me unhappy. I would like to get a decent sounding guitar, but money is completely an issue.

Love my Epiphone. I know Martins and Taylors are more hip (then there are the super expensive makers out of the general public range), but for sentimental reasons, I would really like to try to get a smaller Gibson or Epiphone.

Don’t shoot the guitar player

A dirty demo.

Recorded using just my phone.

Hm. Well. Should have tuned the guitar a little more carefully.

I had transcribed a while ago and it was the closest song I knew how to play that would fit the specification. Pretty close tab, I think. Especially considering I don’t know how to play guitar.