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Half notes

Right, new sketchbook.

And the theorem is not to scale obviously since I drew it freehand.

Goodness sakes, how many diaries can a girl have.

I spared you a very long post that included: jazz, Coltrane, Miles Davis, baseball, Twins-Red Sox, why NY doesn’t like losing to Boston, pitching, what the heck is a changeup, my thoughts (a non-baseball person) on pitching, USC students, Maya, Leyendecker, D23, Haunted Mansion, Xavier “X”, the class/caste system in Hollywood.

Paper thin

I draw so rarely I don’t want to ditch this sketchbook that I just started. But the paper is so thin.

Sketch. Vyv.

For short. Get it? Because the character is short?


Yes. I do laugh at my own jokes.


Voice match yesterday. I love those. And accents and languages. Not because I think they’re easy, but because I enjoy the challenge.