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Sunday notes.

Tomorrow I have a nice video game audition. A very popular franchise outside the game world. It’s referenced often in other sides, as a model of the type they want. I hope I get it.

If I seem more comfortable with the game world, it’s because it tends to fit my acting sensibilities in general. The ones I usually book are the ones that are double underlined all caps REAL, NOT CARTOONY. FILM. And I’m proud of that.

(And that doesn’t mean I don’t like comedy, because “cartoony” in that sense, does not necessarily equal funny as far as I’m concerned.)

Since I’ve wanted to be a good overall actress, and not a VO parody (I respect my peers, but as in film, there are some I’d rather not emulate in persona and performance), good game bookings, while not relatively lucrative nor esteemed, bring their own kind of reassurance.

The wind is so noisy here. It’s not the sound of it blowing through trees or anything unfortunately. It’s the sound of it blowing through I think the metal air vents. Sounds like a never ending jackhammer.

The accent/language I have to learn for the audition tomorrow. It’s fantastic! If I weren’t so weirded out by the notion of my journal writing back (that’d be you. . . and nobody. . . and I’m getting philosophic), I’d start a game and the person who won would get a no-prize. (A Marvel Comics non-award for pointing things out among other things.)

Actually, you’d get the satisfaction of being a good guesser/detective.

Hm. I’ll have to call one of my sisters tomorrow and bother her into playing. I wonder if she’s working. Probably. She lives in the real world.

Ah, seriously, I’m not sure about this name. I have my network of specialists I call upon. I’m not sure who it would be in this case.